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March 29, 2012

The Look of Love by Bella Andre

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Title: The Look of Love (Book 1 of The Sullivan Series)

Author: Bella Andre

Source: Amazon, AllRomance

Price: Towards the upper end of my limits…but still under $5

Heat: A little naughty, but still nice

Rating: Page turner

Genre: Contemporary

I remember well the times when I could not wait to get to Wal-Mart each month for the latest Harlequin romance releases. But in this brave new world of indie publishing, I don’t even have to leave my home to get the same great love stores. The Internet and sites such as Amazon and AllRomance bring them straight into my living room…and lest I forget another advantage of e-publishing, it is environmentally friendly with no paper books to store on bookshelves.

This week we look at an author who writes in the style of Harlequin, Bella Andre. Her Sullivan series could easily be one of the top of the contemporary genre. Imagine six super-hot, stud brothers (a fireman, a baseball player, a movie star and a wealthy businessman among them) and two twin sisters? When this family begins to stumble upon love it makes for hours and hours of enjoyable reading for us all.

The Look of Love is the first in the Sullivan series and sets the tone for this amazing journey of love, laughter and a bit of trouble. Chloe Peterson is fleeing an abusive ex-husband when her car runs off the road in a rain storm in the middle of the Napa Valley. Chase Sullivan, the famous photographer, is on the way to his brother’s vineyard for a fashion shoot. When Chase rescues Chloe, the fireworks begin.

Although there are elements of a proto-typical Harlequin, Ms. Andre transforms this story into something far more modern. First of all, Chase is not a typical rescuer type; always saving damsels in distress. In fact, his reaction to Chloe is quite out of character for this rather self-absorbed guy, who has been more than happy to play the field. In fact, the story gets an early comical twist when he takes Chloe back to his brother’s for the night, only to discover his ‘hook-up’ waiting naked in bed. To make it even funnier…she propositions Chloe to join them. But that’s all the spoiler you’re getting from me on this one.

The other thing I adore about this story is Chase’s recognition of his feelings for Chloe and determination to win her over. I mean what woman could resist a hunk that pursues her with words of love while sending her to the stars in the bedroom…and some other interesting places as well (but if you want to know where you’ll have to read this one for yourself). One of my pet peeves are heroes, who spend most of the book fighting their feelings and treat the heroine awful only to miraculously change in the final chapter (we have all learned that real people don’t do that, so why do characters). So Chase’s straight forward pursuit of what he wants is refreshing and compelling.

I admit I do get a bit peeved at Chloe for resisting Chase for so long. But given what she has been through, I can see her motivation. Thankfully, she recognizes that there are good men left and accepts that she does not have to do it all alone.

In case you have not guessed, this book is not for the faint of heart. The sex while wonderfully and tastefully written plays a major part in moving this story along…and is frequent. It is anything but vanilla as well with subjects such as masturbation, exhibitionist/outdoor and even bondage are explored in a playful and touching way. So while I find this story inspirational in terms of strong characters overcoming their problems to find love in the end…it definitely does not belong in that genre.

So if you are looking for a naughty but nice book to curl up in the park with on this glorious spring weekend, I suggest you check out Bella Andre’s The Look of Love and the rest of her Sullivan series (I have just finished Book 2 From this Moment On and will be reading Book 3 Can’t Help Falling). As with all of the books you will find reviewed on my blog, this indie release is everything that a Harlequin Blaze could be…and MORE.

Next week, I step out on the wild side with my first truly erotic review, Spanked Princess: The Pianist by Savvy Author Erika Moran.


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