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April 13, 2012

Coyote Gorgeous by Vijaya Schatz

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Title: Coyote Gorgeous

Author: Vijaya Schatz

Source: Amazon

Price: The bargain basement price of around $1

Heat: Warm and heartening

Rating: Drop-dead gorgeous is more accurate

Genre: Para-normal (Shape Shifter)

One of the best things about being a writer is the things you discover while doing research. That’s how I discovered Coyote Gorgeous by Vijaya Schatz. I was working on my own story about a shape shifting Native American (his preference is running wild as a mustang…which fits right in with his job as an animal protection officer).  I discovered the term for this in Native American folklore was skin walker. When I googled the term up popped this book by Vijaya Schatz.

Coyote Gorgeous is definitely the right term for this red hot Native American hero. Kaletaka is an artist, whose sculptures of animal-men creatures of mythology are taking the art world by storm. He is also a man of unique powers who is just coming into his own. Madison Huntley is a Game Ranger who is trying to overcome her past. The only daughter in a family of cops her job as a ranger is a sore point with the family…along with her refusal to hunt. Added to that is a boss, who is a former lover and continues to harass her.

When horses, dogs and other animals begin to be killed in and around Kaletaka, Madison is called to investigate…and to keep a lid on things. But there is no keeping a lid on the sexual attraction between Madison and her prime suspect, Kaletaka. How can she give herself to the man that she believes did such vicious things to animals? How can she deny herself the pleasure that this man’s hands offer as he sculpts her very soul anew. And…did he do it?

This book is a brilliant mix of some of my favorite romance genres…paranormal, suspense and Native American. The characters are strong and likeable. And Ms. Schatz does a breath-taking job of building the suspense elements, keeping readers on the edge of their seats with the question of…did he or didn’t he.  She really does not reveal much of anything until the final chapters…and I won’t say anything more.

I suppose the one disappointing thing about the book would be its pace. In places it moves so fast that it can be hard to follow. I would find myself going back to re-read sections to make sure I got things straights. In other sections, the action would be slow and mired down in details. But I will say that overall, the story that she weaves is more than compelling enough to overcome these momentary potholes.

So if you adore Native American heroes, flawed heroines and complex stories spiced with mythology, paranormal experiences and… (I’m not telling with this final twist), this novella may just be what you need to fill up a few hours this weekend. For the price, it is an excellent buy…from another fabulous indie romance author.

Next week, I step away from romance just a bit as I review a Young Adult title by Savvy Author PJ Sharon.


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