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June 7, 2012

C791 by Eve Langlais

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Title: C791

Author: Eve Langlais

Source: Amazon, AllRomance and others

Price:  around $2.99

Heat: Out of this world HOT

Rating: Cyber-freaky

Genre: Paranormal/Machines


When I started this blog, my purpose was to support other indie-authors. So usually I tend to review unknowns, especially first time authors like myself. But every now and then, a famous name grabs my attention. Eve Langlais was just such an author.

I first learned about Eve from one of my American homeschool friends. She buys and reads everything the woman puts out. I explained my commitment to purchase and read only indie (self) published romance this year. She told me that she thought Eve had a few of those. Then I received one of my twice weekly bulletins from AllRomance. It featured Ms. Langlais’ most recent indie release C791 (Cyborgs: More than Machines). I could not resist the chance to see for myself what my friend was talking about. And I have to be honest; I was not disappointed.

These futuristic erotic romances are the story of a war between man and machine, except the cyborgs are themselves half man. Created to be the ultimate fighting machines, all cyborgs are slated for destruction when a flaw is discovered in their programming. Except the cyborgs have already discovered the flaw which allows them to regain a portion of their humanity. Rather than be swept into the cold nothingness of outer space and death, Joe and Solus lead a revolt that marks them and their kind forever.

When Joe is captured the humans send an unusual woman to examine and interrogate him. From the moment, he sees Chloe’s generous curves Joe felt distinctly human, especially in certain groin regions. He decides that when he escapes he will take her with him. And that’s where the surprises begin.

I was impressed by Ms. Langlais’ skill at world building. In this first book of her Cyborg series, she has crafted a complex set of circumstances, settings and tensions to form a realistic future where man is pitted against his own creation…and man is the bad guy. That may not seem completely right somehow until you consider the basic core of greed and arrogance that is human nature. Is it too far a leap to believe that we could create something semi-human and then destroyed it when it no longer suited our needs?

And of course, the sex scenes lived up to everything my girl friend had told me about Ms. Langlais.  As I have admitted before, I long ago abandoned sweet and innocent for racy and raunchy. This book and the amazing mechanical sex in it are definitely that…and more.

I suppose if I have to have a complaint (and you know I do) it would be that the story could have used more development. You know me as the mother and full-time carer of a special needs child, I adore my novellas; books that I can read in a couple of hours. This is one of those, but then you are left wanting for more. The good news is…there is more. Ms. Langlais has recently released F841, the next in the series. Now I wait impatiently as that larger story unfolds book by book.

While I love supporting new authors on the road to indie publishing, one of the ways that we will all benefit more from this Brave New World is when established authors begin to explore their indie freedoms. So I hope you will join me in supporting this erotic romance author in her indie efforts. You go girl!

And next week…back to a new author…Nancy Lee Badger’s Southern Fried Dragon which is set in one of my favorite childhood haunts Charleston, South Carolina.


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