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May 4, 2012

Hidden Depths by Emma Holly

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Title: Hidden Depths

Author: Emma Holly

Source: Amazon, AllRomance and others

Price: $3.99

Heat: Flaming hot…even under water

Rating: Wow

Genre: Paranormal/Multiple Partners/Gay-Bi Male

I read just about anything in the romance genre, but I have to admit a unique love for really hot paranormal/sci-fi men. Forget hunky humans…nothing beats an alien or a vampire or a shape-shifter. These guys can play by different rules. Things that would never go with a human lover can be amazingly erotic if one of these guys does it.

Emma Holly’s Hidden Depths takes that to a whole new level. Image a second honeymoon with your husband of over twenty years. You are laying on the beach thinking about how wonderful it is that after all these years you still love one another and the spark has never gone out.

Then out of the waves stalks hulking naked men. One of them grabs you while the others subdue your husband. Walking you out into the waves, your kidnapper tells you that you are his destined bride. He follows this with a breath stealing kiss before plunging you both beneath the waves.

Now add to this, an undeniable attraction to the guy. The fact that the dude is a king…of his own underwater kingdom. Court intrigue that would have done even the Tudors proud. And the king’s gay lover, best friend and chief of security. Oh and did I mention that your hubby has the hots for the king’s lover.

Does it boggle your mind? Stretch your imagination? Perhaps even ignite some curious fires in your libido?

It is an unusual combination of seemingly impossible circumstances that Emma Holly crafts and weaves into the most captivating and titillating story I have read in some time. She delves deep into the human psyche to explore taboos then turns them on their ears. She creates complex but likable characters with flaws and complementary strengths. And it works. She pulls off this seemingly impossible combination of characters and storylines creating a universe in which it all seems perfectly normal. In the end, readers are challenged to examine their own morals (and hidden desires), to consider new depths of relationships and alternative lifestyles. Kudos to Ms. Holly.

Again my only quibble with the story was some formatting problems with the Kindle edition that I read. But what the heck, not gonna let some paragraph spacing keep me from a spell-binding read. And neither should you.

So if this weekend, you want to push your boundaries…explore your kinky side…and fall in love…with not one hot hero, but three…then rush out to your local neighborhood cyber bookseller for this awesome story. Hidden Depths delivers all that its title promises…and more. (Oh and if like me you can’t get enough of this unusual combination, there is a novella called Date Night that is a sequel.)

I want to say special thanks this week to all my friends at IndieRomanceInk for the support and patient answers that they have provided the past couple of weeks as I took my own dive into this brave new world of indie publishing. It has been a steep learning curve and without their advice, encouragement and downloading/Tweeting I don’t know what I would have done. In the coming weeks, I will be featuring some of their works on this blog…reviews of other amazing stories brought to you not by the big business of publishing but by the creative (and in some cases kinky) minds and hard work of talented authors. Hope you will join me for their stories.

Next week, I am back to another of my Savvy Author friends and another unusual combination as I review Nancy Lee Badger’s Southern Fried Dragon. Don’t that name just say it all?


March 9, 2012

Brides of the Kindred by Evangeline Anderson

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Title (Series): Brides of the Kindred (Claimed, Hunted, Sought and Found…in that order)

Author: Evangeline Anderson

Source: Amazon, AllRomance

Price: Less than $3 for full length novels

Heat: No holds barred, not for the faint of heart (polyamoury and light BDSM included)


The Kindred are an alien race with one problem…no women. They have scoured the universe looking for compatible females. So far only three species have been found, resulting in three hybrid races…Beast, Blood and Twin Kindred. But look out girls, the Kindred are coming to earth…and we are the lucky ones.

Beast kindred are the offspring of breeding with women from Rageron, a primitive planet with exotic and dangerous jungles. Beast kindred have a little something extra down below that keep them going and going and going…an Energizer bunny but much hotter. Blood kindred are a vampire like breed that bite their mates as part of the sex act. Their home world is barren Tranq Prime, where the people live below ground in a series of caves, and its inhabitants are as cold as its weather.  But it is the Twin Kindred that lit my imagination. Two hot hungry men for the price of one…what girl could resist that bargain? To add spice to the mix, the Kindred have come to protect Earth from the Scourge, a distant related dying race with twisted and perverted need to abuse and dominate. The price of their protection is a draft that allows the Kindred to draw brides from Earth’s women.

This series follows the intertwined stories of four half-brother Kindred as they seek and court their Earth mates. It also follows the ongoing battle with the Scourge as they seek the special Earthling that can fulfill the prophesy and bring live to their race. All-Father, the Scourge leader, knows no bounds, even his son is prey to his ever-ending need for power.

But if you want to know more…you’ll have to read them for yourself!

Trust me; these books are one of the best buys out there. First of all, they are reasonably price. Each story is over 60,000 words for less than $3. I am a fast reader and these books provide even me with two to three days of pleasure.

But if the price is not enough to attract you, these stories are among the best written sci-fi, paranormal and erotic romance on the market. Evangeline Anderson has crafted complex world with strong yet vulnerable characters. You find yourself empathizing with them. Screaming at them. And most definitely rooting them on their pathways to love and happily ever-after.  The conflict that drives each story is well crafted and believable. The heroine with phobia of needles (borne of a childhood illness that required many hospital visits) must meet those fears head-on as she comes to love her Blood Kindred mate. The zoftig beauty comes to see herself through the eyes of her Twin Kindred mates from a world where bigger women are worshipped. The timid heroine discovers a bit of her kink as she comes to dominate her Scourge lover…and he discovers it can be as much to be dominated as it is to dominate.

A couple of slight warnings…as I said this series are not for the timid. If your preference is for Barbara Cartland or Grace Livingstone Hill, then Evangeline Anderson’s Brides of the Kindred probably would shock and mortify you. In fact, this series would probably be considered pushing the boundaries of erotic romance for most. But the writing skill and depth of emotion that Ms. Anderson brings to her characters and stories carry it off beautifully. Polyamoury such as with the Twin Kindred sharing a single mate is a topic on the fringe of society, but the complex and loving relationship that Evangeline crafts between these three makes it seem almost ‘normal’ in the end.

The only real weakness in these stories is probably the fight scenes. Miss Anderson’s skill with the sword (or laser gun) is not as adapt as her skill with a different kind of ‘sword.’ So if you are as much into the fighting as you are at loving, you might be a tad disappointed. For me, this really was not an issue. Although for a moment or two, I did feel a tad let down at how easily killed the All-Father was…think I might have said too much.

One thing that is important to remember though is that to get the most out of this series you really do need to read them in the order in which they were written as each story is a continuation of the over-arching plot and struggle between the Kindred and the Scourge. While each story is a stand-alone erotic romance with a beginning, struggle and happy ending, much of the larger story line would not easily be understood if you read them out of order.

Overall, these stories are among the best of their genre. Evangeline Anderson has a voice and style that is enjoyable and easy to read. Her imagination is heart-stopping thing of beauty and the characters and stories that follow from her mind are engaging and enthralling. These are not to be missed sci-fi erotic romances and the perfect gift for your wife or partner for a birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day or just because. So rush out to Amazon or AllRomance and start reading today…and who knows what might be in store for tonight… Note to husbands: If your wife likes romance novels, this is a great opportunity to introduce a bit of spice/kink into things.

Best of all, Evangeline Anderson has just released the latest in the series…Revealed. I am off now to purchase it for an exciting weekend of love and hot sex.

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